The Hong Kong Action Squad's Adventures in Paradise

The Twisting Halls Pt. 2: The Gongshow

As soon as they enter the second room of the Twisting Halls Zanril Leofire triggers a trap in the wall and is lost forever…maybe.

Going from there Norian Chorster] and Ricorin Lightouch the Halfblack continue to fight their way through the ancient dungeon confronting goblins, rats and having a conversation with A FREAKING DRAGON named Farallax.

Thanks to Ricorin’s elf eyes the duo avoided a shabbily rigged up trap (of obvious goblin craftsmanship) and also they got a nice rug out of the deal.

Once they had almost reached Malareth ’s labratory/lair the party encountered a changeling mercenary, named Jixin, that was hired by Malareth to protect him but the changeling could see that she was no match for the sheer badassery of Norian and Ricorin and surrendered to them…they then wrapped her in a rug, tied her up, and knocked her out (thanks to Ricorin who seemingly becoming very adept at everything).

LATER IN MALARETH’S LABLAIR. After making an incredibly awesome entrance Ricorin and Norian proceeded to kinda get rocked by Malareth and his undead army (or at least Ricorin was). But thanks to extreme amounts of ridiculous magic from Norian (including turning Malareth into a toad) he was able to run back to the changeling prisoner, offer her money to help them, and momentarily convince the undead not to attack just long enough to kill ’em all.

The party returns Traevus’ box (that held an odd staff) to him which he was delivering to someone who could destroy it or keep it out of the wrong hands

The Action Squad's Very First Adventure
In Which We Almost Died Forever

Having all returned to Fallcrest the The Player Characters, Ricorin Lightouch the Halfblack, Norian Chorster, and Zanril Leofire set out back towards the Lair of Maraleth and his many minions to retrieve Traevus’ stolen box.

While on their way the party was ambushed by a pair of goblins who were hiding out in an abandoned tower and a pair of feral wolves. The ensuing battle was the Action Squads first test of combat. It was a disaster.

Zanril was only steps away from death at the hands of one of the wolves. But the determination and tenacity of his newly found allies [And a little help from the DM] saved his life. After taking out the wolves and one goblin some quick thinking from Ricorin led to him convincing the last goblin that there was a dwarven army on their way from Fallcrest to protect him and his friends.

The party reached the goblin’s lair which, they found, had a secret passage to some sort of dungeon. Once inside they found a troupe of goblins and a guard drake with Malareth’s horse. They did much better in this encounter using well coordinated flanking attacks and the braziers around the room as weapons.

NEXT TIME ON THE HONG KONG ACTION SQUAD’S ADVENTURES IN PARADISE: We go deeper into the Twisting Halls and maybe some new adventurers…

Pre-Campaign 1

The Player Characters, Ricorin Lightouch the Halfblack, Davfire Darksbane the Ever-Wanderer, Zanril Leofire and Norian Chorster are willed to life via some strange book from a red box

They all go through a similar adventure with a dwarf, a wagon, a box and a lot of goblins, all ending in the nearby town of Fallcrest


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