Ricorin Lightouch the Halfblack

“Kinda looks like a girl”

Creator/User: Damon
Race: Elven (also half-Halfling which has no bearing on stats whatsoever)
Class: Rogue
Languages: Common, Elven


A Half-Halfling Half-Elven Rogue native to the technologically advanced continent of Khorvaire, born to an Elven mother and a Halfling father whom he never met. After his mother was killed in a conflict stemming from the Last War of Khorvaire, he spent most of his life as an orphan involved in thievery and gang activity in the large cities of Khorvaire, traveling by stowing away in merchant’s caravans. It was a life that was much less than ideal, but he grew to love it.

He wears a scarf that has been handed down through his mother’s family to him, it has no significance past the fact that is an heirloom.

Was given the nickname “Halfblack” by a high ranking Elven gang member because of his uncanny ability to slip in on and out of the shadows and his mixed heritage. This man was killed in an escalated gang confrontation when Ricorin was caught trying to steal valuables from the opposing gang’s den, prompting to him to leave Khorvaire altogether and head for the town of Fallcrest on the quiet continent of the Nentir Vale.

Is casually racist against Eladrin.


  • Kinda looks like a girl.
  • Shortish (Especially for an elf) About 5’2"-5’4"
  • The kind of kid that would get beat up at school
  • Unfortunately scrawny looking
  • Eyes are mostly green but have slight gradient towards a burnt orange starting near the bottom



  • The Lightouch Special™ (Backstab)
  • Nimble Positioning
  • Deft Strike
  • Defensive Strike
  • Acrobatic Maneuver
  • Elven Accuracy
  • Tumble

Character Sheet

Ricorin Lightouch the Halfblack

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